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OCHEART September 191` Team Meeting 2021 09

9/15 Team Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended our September 15th Team Zoom meeting. We discussed our participation in and the results of the HEAR test  from earlier in the day, recapped our first in person meeting at the end of August and had a general discussion about the upcoming OCRACES drill on October 2nd. The meeting was […]

OCHEART Team Meeting 2021 08

8/18 Team Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended our August Team Zoom meeting. We discussed how we plan to monitor various alternate radio frequencies during wide spread emergency events so that we can stay informed , our revised Net scripts that will bring more variety to our weekly net events, and we discussed our in-person meeting at CARE […]

OCHEART Team Meeting 2021 06

6/16/2021 Team Meeting

A huge thank you to Kriss Larson (KR6ISS) for covering the Orange County Emergency Channels that can be monitored with your amateur radio or a regular scanner. You can watch the discussion here and read the details below. All Orange County city and county police, fire and paramedic communications are on one 800 mHz digital […]

OCHEART Team Meeting 2021 02

OCHEART Team Meeting 2/17/2021

Our February OCHEART Team Zoom meeting was a terrific  introduction to APRS lead by Ted Lavino (KG6LZP). Starting with the definition of APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System), Ted reviewed how APRS works (see APRS.org for additional details), the frequency we use here in the US (144.39) and the system’s architecture. From there Ted explained the […]

OCHEART Team Meeting January, 2021

OCHEART Team Meeting 1/20/2021

At the OCHEART January 2021 Zoom Team meeting, Kriss Larson (KR6ISS) educated the Team about the non-Amateur communication tools that most U.S. medical facilities use today. He discusses how the staff members use the various communication devices and explores some of the options additional options available to hospital staff as well as some of the […]

OCHEART BOSS - Battery Only Simplex System

OCHEART BOSS Team Meeting 12/6/2020

The OCHEART BOSS team held it’s first meeting to discuss the details for the upcoming simplex exercise. OCHEART members participating in these BOSS exercises will test the ability to communicate using amateur radio simplex channels from various medical facilities to various hilltop locations in Orange County.  The results of these tests will be used to […]

What is a Trauma Center?

What is a Trauma Center?

When talking about medical facilities, at some point the conversation turns to “Trauma Centers” as the highest level of service when it comes to emergency medical care. So what exactly is a Trauma Center? The American Trauma Society has a great definition and explains the difference between a designation and a verification which is voluntary: […]

Emergency Communications from OCHEART

What if?

What would happen if your local hospital’s communications systems were overwhelmed by: Damage to its electrical connection Damage to its telephone system Overwhelming patients due to Major earthquake Chemical explosion Massive wildfires Flooding Normal communications were disrupted resulting in confusion This is why OCHEART exists. Our Team of volunteers works with hospital administration and the […]

OCRACES and OCHEART sign a historic MOU for county repeater use


Monday March 2, 2020 was a historic day for OCHEART as we were able to sign a memo of understanding (MOU) with OCRACES to use their repeaters for our weekly nets as well as emergency operations when OCRACES is not activated. This is important for OCHEART as the county repeaters cover most of the county […]