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What is a Trauma Center?

What is a Trauma Center?

When talking about medical facilities, at some point the conversation turns to “Trauma Centers” as the highest level of service when it comes to emergency medical care. So what exactly is a Trauma Center? The American Trauma Society has a great definition and explains the difference between a designation and a verification which is voluntary: […]

Emergency Communications from OCHEART

What if?

What would happen if your local hospital’s communications systems were overwhelmed by: Damage to its electrical connection Damage to its telephone system Overwhelming patients due to Major earthquake Chemical explosion Massive wildfires Flooding Normal communications were disrupted resulting in confusion This is why OCHEART exists. Our Team of volunteers works with hospital administration and the […]

OCRACES and OCHEART sign a historic MOU for county repeater use


Monday March 2, 2020 was a historic day for OCHEART as we were able to sign a memo of understanding (MOU) with OCRACES to use their repeaters for our weekly nets as well as emergency operations when OCRACES is not activated. This is important for OCHEART as the county repeaters cover most of the county […]