OCHEART-Orange County Emergency Amateur Radio Team
OCHEART-Orange County Emergency Amateur Radio Team

OCHEART is a group of licensed amateur radio operators who have made a commitment to to hospitals and medical facilities within Orange County to assist when normal communications fail.

OCHEART is an ARES® (Amateur Radio Emergency Service®) group in the Orange  Section of the ARRL (American Radio Relay League).

Most of our members are also members of their local RACES Team, the American Red Cross Disaster Services Team, or another ARES group, though this is not a requirement. Some of our members have worked in hospitals or have been part of other groups the provide support for the medical community. Again, this is not a requirement to be part of OCHEART.

If you have a passion for service to others when disaster or emergency strikes and are a licensed amateur radio operator, we invite you to apply to join OCHEART.

Qualifications to become a member of OCHEART:

    1. Be a currently licensed amateur radio operator (get your license – it’s free)
    2. Own an HT radio
    3. Complete the application at

To get a head start on the free online course work, you can work your way through these FEMA course unless you have completed them within the past 5 years and have your certificate of completion.

Please save your completion certificates electronically so you can submit them when requested.

And then there are two ARRL online courses that must be taken:

      • EC-001: Introduction to Emergency Communication
      • EC-016: Public Service and Emergency Communications Management for Radio Amateurs

Both of these courses can be found here on the ARRL Catalog page

Thanks again for your interest in serving the emergency communications needs of our Orange County hospitals and medical facilities.