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Volunteer for OCHEART and make a difference
Volunteers are the core of OCHEART

One of the reasons I got into Ham radio was for emergencies. I wanted a way to reach help when I needed it no matter where I was and especially in areas lacking cell phone coverage. As I have become more knowledgeable in Ham radio, I have become more involved in area emergency radio groups. I considered OCRACES, and just as this covid-19 crisis started, I submitted an application for Anaheim RACES. That’s on hold. That I understand.

What’s shocking to me is that most all volunteer emergency communicators working in their local cities and the county have been ordered to stand down. Here we are in the middle of a crisis – the moment we trained for, but we can’t practice.

Fortunately, an organization called OCHEART is not standing down. OCHEART supports all the hospitals in case of a disaster. Can you imagine if, during this crisis, we had a major earthquake or power outtage? Can you imagine how useless a trained emergency communicator would feel knowing they want to help but can’t because they were still under orders to stand down?

In this critical time, while others are standing down, OCHEART is stepping up. Our team is working every day to prepare for the worst case scenario.

The hospitals are the last line of defense. If they can’t communicate outside their walls, we’re in a heap of trouble. They are salvation for a suffering population. I’m glad to be part of it, no, honored and privileged is a better term. I’m stepping up. I’m involved in the solution. I encourage other Hams to step up too.

Mark Warrick, KM6ZPO

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